Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I've Moved...

I'VE MOVED to :)))

Saturday, October 31, 2009

CG Steamboat

I love the feeling of walking till the end of the earth.
YJ and I decided to walk home from bugis after CG's steamboat (after some negotiation), but the rain disrupted it when we reached Kallang =/
It've been some time since I enjoyed walking. Really love the feeling...
Usually, I am rushing from places to places, wishing that there would me hot air balloon to fetch me to and fro. I do not have time to slow down and relect. LOL.
Janice ahh.. Janice ahh.. you've been thinking too much.

Btw, tdy had a hearty meal with CG at Xian De Lai Steamboat, along with Tammy's 21 st birthday celebration.
Aww, i wana celebrate Halloween at Sentosa, but cldnt go tdy. =(

Anyway, wana wish everyone a
Happy Halloween Day!

As well as HaPpY 21st B'dAy to Candice and Tammy :))

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2+4 = 0

Officially sick...lols.
Down with sore thoart, cough and flu.
In short. the flu virus has won.


Another 2 quizzes and 4 exam papers to go!
Course registration period starts now till 30 October.
Hmm, which module should i choose?...
Organisational behaviour?
Finance Accounting?
Coporate Law?
Linear and Algebra?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Horsburgh Weekend Trip

A beautiful getaway from our busy lifestyle.

What's next???

Friday, October 02, 2009

Have you wonder???

Have you wonder...??
Where will you go when you leave this earth?
What will you be doing?
Who will you be with?
What will be your last words?
Who do you want to last see?
Where will you want to be?

If there was hell and heaven?
Which would like to go?
Can sinners go to heaven?
Must sinners go to hell?
Why do sinners think they have to go to hell?
Who can save the sinners?

My thoughts are running wild.
God, bless us when we set sail to the International Waters.
May we have a great time of fellowship, besides fishing...

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

2 hours from west to east

I'm too tired for anything!
Had lecture in NP yesterday evening.
The aircon was even colder than SIM. =[
And I think i saw someone familiar in the same lecture.
Someone from Brighton.

Went to Yew Tee to take some stuffs from Erni after class.
The journey back from West to east takes me 2 hours :(
I took the last train, last bus and reached home at 1AM.

Was supposed to meet Erni and Kwanli today for dinner,
but I decided to cancel last night.
Cuz it's just 2 more days and my bags are still unpacked, assignments still incomplete.
I'm sorry gals that i have to fly the areoplane again.
But sometimes, sacrifice is needed to set my priority right.
I need to have a good rest tonight.

My brain is stoning at work now.
I've so many things to do but my physical body and brain arent working.
I guess I'm just too drained.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Totally Down

Totally drowned with my blocked nose.
Trying to breathe doubly hard.
Just had medicine and i guess the drowsiness is taking over.

I gonna pray hard that i will be well enough soon.
Not going to let them chase me out of the boarding gate.
Come to think of that, I have yet to prepare anything.

To-Bring List isnt planned yet and my brain isnt functioning.
How Sad.
A wasted evening.

Weekends gona be as packed as a can of sardine.
I tot i still have time for fishing or wave-boarding. =(

Still thinking of how to clear 2 quizzes and 1 essay within this weekend.
Lord, i need your blessing.